Occult Chemistry (X,Y,Z)


The three main elements of this installation; the opening/closing books, the churning pots of ‘goo’ and the whirling metal molecules (which are based upon the drawings of two 19th Century English Spiritualists/Alchemists who wished to intuit the forms of sub-atomic matter) simulate the coordinates of X, Y and Z of the Cartesian Plane – the three dimensions of all matter.

These mechanical sculptures were originally assembled together as a miniature installation to be viewed by the video eye of a small robot for the group exhibition ‘Pandora’s Box’. Reconfigured for the wall, these works offer bits of visual information then take them away, or move so quickly that we can only perceive a small portion of their content and form.


  • Books, power supplies, metal, motors, wood, reflective mylar, and coloured liquid.


  • 7 sculptures total; Up to 500sq feet.