ANOR, which stands for ‘Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality‘, is a work-in-progress based on my research and practice of creating animal totems and power objects based on my dreams using the ancient practice of shamanic journeying. I have been experimenting with retrieving Power Animals while journeying, then making these as material physical objects with easily accessible materials, like tinfoil. I then digitally scanning these sculptures and bring them into a Virtual Reality environment for exploration and reflection.

In fall 2019, I was an artist in residence at the Delfina Foundation in London as part of their themed program, ‘Science, Technology & Society’. While there, I developed and held ANOR as a workshop to assist participants, using the image of the universal tree, how to journey to the Lower World to meet their power animals, ask for advice, journal about their experiences, and create their sculptural totems.

Soundscape by Caroline Partamian


  • Virtual Reality Environment (variable runtime), various sculptural and digital objects.