Lost Winnipeg Augmented Reality Installation


This permanently installed Augmented Reality installation and walking tour was produced as part of my project, Winnipeg Teenaged Bedroom Time Portal – a series of virtual and real objects exploring the overlap of time and memory that occur when we revisit the place we lived as an adolescent. Participants are invited to scan a QR code in 5 different sites in downtown Winnipeg and use an AR app on their phones to view images, animations and sound that have been embedded in the geolocation of the site.

In addition to the AR installation, the project is also comprised of animated videos (GIFs) of lost teenaged emotional landscapes and 3D printed scientific models of time and space.

This project was created and exhibited in 2013, while in residence at Plug-in Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, MB


  • Augmented Reality Installation and walking tour; iPad, QR codes, paper.


  • Variable Dimensions