Experiments and process

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  • Animation Stop Motion Test #1

    First test for an upcoming stop motion animation commissioned by curator Sarah Klien and Intersection for The Arts. This work records a moment in time and tracks the progress of an alien digital object as it traverses several SF neighborhoods undergoing massive economic and social change due to the tech economy and new residents. Recorded…

    Primitives – NYC

    Photos from the the mobile series “Primitives”, taken in New York, on July 23rd, 2015. Various models are printed with textures inspired by the location, built and photographed as a staged intervention.

    Primitives – Rotterdam

    Photos from the the mobile series “Primitives”, taken in various locations in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on November 3rd, 2014. Various models are printed with textures inspired by the location, built and photographed as a staged intervention.

    Primitive Photo Series – Winnipeg

    Photos from the series “Primitives”, taken in various locations in downtown Winnipeg, MB, Canada on August 11th, 2014. This is an experimental series and I’m still working out if this will be presented in a gallery as just the final photos, stand alone sculptures or a mixture of both. I’ve posted almost all the cleaned-up…

    Wall & Corner Pieces

    I’ve started experimenting with creating clusters for both flat walls and interior and exterior corners. Each shape is pinned on to take the form of the corner and then glued in place. I’m planning on doing some composed shots of these clusters installed on exterior architectural and natural outdoor spaces in the next week.

    More Primitives

    This week I’m experimenting with textures to create groupings of the various primitive paper objects. Next-up, these will be installed in clusters and accumulations on interior and exterior spaces.

    Winnipeg Experiments – Primitives

    From July 18th- August 12th, I’m borrowing an amazing studio in Winnipeg (way larger than our place in SF). I’m here to experiment and expand on a project, tentatively called ‘Primitives’, that I started but had to put down in 2012. It’s been a life-long quest to develop ongoing creative projects where I can produce…

    Experiments with Geobacter Sediment Batteries

    As part of my ongoing research and work about the recording and transformation of energy, I have been recently building a test-series of portable microbial fuel cells or sediment batteries. The Geobacter is a biological organism that exists in water sediment and has recently been discovered to both recycle industrial wastewater (petroleum-based pollutants and heavy…

    Emotional Battery in Italy

    In the summer of 2009, ten artists from seven countries met for a week in the countryside outside of Bolognia to create their own group residency. Each artist presented their work and led simple workshops to share their practice. In my workshop, participants assembled ‘Emotional Battery’ boxes, placed them around the surrounding countryside and documented…

    Emotional Battery in NYC

    The ‘Emotional Battery’, is a container that can draw from and store energy in the built environment as well as energize seemingly ‘dead’ urban spaces.